Courses for Employment In and Out of the Water with Aqua Essence

Working at Aqua Essence 

We might be biased but we know its true… it is the BEST job. Here are some things that staff have said over the years….

  • Set Schedule (you don’t have to wait every 2 weeks to find out when you are working, your schedule is the same from September – March)
  • Develops and builds communication skills (oral and written)
  • Professional Development (paid)
  • Competitive Rate of Pay
  • Extra Opportunities (First Aid, Babysitting, Projects and growth)
  • Part of an incredible team of staff
  • Company Growth and Development
  • Approachable Boss
  • Incredible Families
  • Rewarding
  • All the Feels – like when you teach a student and they overcome the obstacle
  • Extra-Curricular and Experiences are encouraged
  • Your opinion matters
  • You are valued
  • What you learn at Aqua Essence will benefit you for anything you do that will follow
  • Rishona writes the BEST references letters
  • You are part of the Aqua Family for life
  • Who doesn’t love kids?!
  • Exercise
  • Being in water reduces stress and calms you
  • Therapeutic job
  • Learn time management
  • The Best Families in the world
  • Great perks
  • The list goes on….

Send us an email or message. We would love to tell you more about why working at Aqua Essence is that good. 😊

Courses Needed for Employment

Lifeguarding and Teaching

at a Facility

Bronze Medallion + Emergency First Aid
Bronze Cross + Standard First Aid
Water Safety Instructor Course
National Lifesaving Course


Bronze Medallion + Emergency First Aid
Bronze Cross + Standard First Aid
National Lifesaving Course

Swimming Instructor

Bronze Medallion + Emergency First Aid
Bronze Cross + Standard First Aid
Water Safety Instructor Course

Some Additional Opportunities to Help You Gain Employment

Aqua Essentials: Session 1 – Resume Building and Professionalism

The opening session of Aqua Essentials focuses on the development of professional leadership skills. Candidates will put together their first resume under the guidance of the instructor and even get to hone their skills in a mock interview. Candidates will work towards learning the characteristics of a great employee and get chances to participate in activities that will allow them to practice skills that are crucial to their success while working in and out of the pool. This session is taught completely online using video conferencing to maximize candidate engagement as well as convenience. This session is 5 hours of online learning done over 2 sessions. 

Cost: $65.00 plus tax

Aqua Essentials: Session 2 – Working for Aqua

This Session of Aqua Essentials is designed to set our candidates down the path to employment with Aqua Essence. We will discuss our application process including volunteering and co-teaching. This session is also taught completely online with video conferencing presentations and activities to help candidates gain an inside perspective of how our company functions. We will discuss what we look for in our instructors so candidates will be ready to contribute to the high quality lessons that we are known for.

Cost: $50.00 plus tax

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