Fitness in the Pool

fitness class

Lifesaving Fitness

30 years and under

The Lifesaving Fitness course is a weekly program that teaches the importance of physical fitness in lifesaving. The course is an ideal choice for students wanting to keep their skills up before attaining their next lifesaving level.

All participants must be 30 years of age or younger, or have medical approval. Successful candidates will earn a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Fitness Award crest, certification card.

Cost: $28.50 plus tax per class, plus pool admissions

Candidates will work on strength, fitness, knowledge and first aid.




swim club

Swim Club

Going above and beyond.

For young water lovers, athletes, and swimming enthusiasts, the Aqua Essence Swim Academy Swim Club takes you to new levels of performance and confidence.

A perfect complement to regular swimming lessons, our Swim Club offers more opportunity for skill development in a small-group setting.

Each session is an hour long and enrolment is capped at five students. Aqua Essence offers a flexible schedule and expert leadership.

Through our Swim Club, students become stronger and faster in the pool. It’s a perfect boost for students in synchronized swimming programs, water polo, and diving – and it helps prepare students for future opportunities as swim instructors and lifeguards.

To register, must be in Swim Kids Level 7 or above.

Cost: $28.50 plus tax per class
Note: You must sign up for the whole session upon registration.

triathalon training

Triathlon Training

Stamina, technique, discipline, focus

Aqua Essence Swim Academy can help you excel at triathlon – even if you don’t know how to swim today.

Triathlon is a test of human endurance; an exciting and challenging combination of cycling, running, and swimming. The event is growing in popularity among youth, business leaders, and fitness fans looking for a new hill to climb.

Our expert training program prepares you for the swimming leg of triathlon while inspiring you to develop the confidence and strength you need to excel through all three elements. And we can connect you to partners who will help you fine tune your running and cycling, while we help you achieve excellence in the water.

Aqua Essence Swim Academy offers one-to-one training as well as small group settings.

Contact us to give it a “tri.”

Cost: $27 plus tax per class


The best kept secret in town! This class is a full body workout in the water. In this 45 minute class we run through drills, technique, sprints, endurance and more. We can start slow and build up or dive in with full gusto. We never repeat the same class 2 weeks in a row. We do it all while having a blast! Get a group of friends together or sign up on your own and meet new friends. Maximum 5 per class.
Cost: $27 plus tax – based off of a 5 person class

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