If you’re reading this then chances are you just signed up for an Aqua Essence Bronze Medallion or Bronze Cross course. What a fantastic decision! These entry-level courses give our candidates not only certifications that are recognized by Manitoba’s Lifesaving Society but lifesaving knowledge that could prevent serious injury or even death. These certifications look amazing on a resume when applying for literally any position imaginable and (more importantly) the skills gained in these courses give our candidates confidence around the water that will stay with them for the entirety of their lives.

Anyway! Enough about all the obvious benefits of taking this course. Let’s talk about how our courses here at Aqua are a little bit different:

  • Crash Course: We are able to offer a compact course by completing two 8-hour days in a single weekend. These days will generally run 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. This has the benefit of keeping the material fresh in the minds of our candidates which helps to alleviate some of the pressure fo the final practical exam. Candidates will be given a homework assignment that should take a few hours to complete properly. All the information for the assignment can be found in the Candian Lifesaving Manual; a book that young lifesavers will become familiar with as they move through the courses toward lifeguard certification.
  • We Come to You: Summertime is prime time for both swimming and lifesaving courses! Take full advantage of our privatized teaching style by holding a course in your own backyard pool. A certified, confident, knowledgeable instructor can come to you as long as you have at least 3 candidates.
  • EFA or SFA Included: It’s very rare to find both first aid and lifesaving certification in one course even though both of them are required for employment almost anywhere. At Aqua we have amalgamated the two! Emergency First Aid comes with every Bronze Medallion and Standard First Aid comes with every Bronze Cross. Two Courses in one!
  • Year-Round: During the school year our courses take place in the central locations of the Canadian Mennonite University and the Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre for dry and wet classes respectively. In the summertime, we have a beautiful outdoor pool in River Heights where candidates can enjoy the sun and learn in a realistic environment.

What kinds of things should you be doing as a candidate to get yourself 100% prepared?

  • Check requirements! The pre-requisite for Bronze Medallion is to be either 13 years old or a Bronze Star holder. You can challenge Bronze Star as early as 11 years old. Contact our office to find out if this option is right for you. The only pre-requisite for Bronze Cross is to be a Bronze Medallion holder.
  • Swim! Bronze courses are physically demanding and if you haven’t been swimming for a year or two you will be challenged by the distance and fitness swims that are in both the Medallion and Cross courses. Medallion candidates should be able to complete a swim of 500m in less than 15 minutes. While Cross candidates should be able to complete a 600m swim in less than 18 minutes. Overall physical fitness is a huge benefit but in lifesaving and swimming in general, the technique is always the most important factor for success.
  • Sleep! Your mind needs to be sharp throughout the long days that these courses entail. Getting a full 8-hour sleep is a necessary part of keeping yourself in the zone.
  • Bring snacks! There will be lots of energy spent throughout the days of the courses and replenishing yourself will allow you to stay alert and ready.
  • Bring 2-3 towels! There will be a lot of jumping in and out of the water and there’s nothing worse than wrapping yourself in a cold damp towel. Bring a bunch so you can stay warm!
  • Check the Weather! During the summer when our courses are outside, we stop for nothing due to our tight schedule. Thunder and lightning might keep us out of the water but there are still dryland skills to practice no matter what. Dressing for the weather of the weekend will be crucial to candidate success.
  • Check your email! Our office needs to see your pre-requisite certifications before you are eligible for the course. We also offer the ability to order Subway through us and you wouldn’t want to miss out! Contact us at courses@aquaessence.ca 

After reading through this post you are undoubtedly ready for anything Bronze Medallion or Cross can throw at you! Our instructors can’t wait to meet you and help push you through the challenges these courses provide! Check our Leadership Courses tab above to look for a course today!