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Ready, Set, Swim! was created in 2002 by Rishona Hyman (BA., M.A., M.S.W.) to be used to teach swimming lessons at Aqua Essence Swim Academy. With thousands of swimmers and instructors utilizing our school of thought every year, it became our mission to make a greater impact and make this program accessible to as many as we could by formalizing our curriculum for mainstream use. It is crucial that we empower others to build this type of confidence in and around water we can so we can all be safe, skilled swimmers and teachers.

As Ready, Set, Swim! has grown throughout the years, we are consistently told that there is truly no other swim program like ours – that we are “unique”.

What sets us apart is the amount of freedom within our framework that allows every lesson to meet the individual needs of a swimmer. There is something for everyone; caregivers with infants as young as 4 months, fearful 9-year olds to over-confident 3-year olds, seniors, triathletes… and the list goes on.

We have created not only a curriculum, but a common language for students and teachers to speak, to connect, to build trust. The results, however, are not very common at all. They are incredible. A tried-and-true curriculum based on Science and Behaviour modification principles.

There is something for everyone! Instructors are put through a comprehensive training program that will leave them feeling empowered to take on their own classes with confidence and ease.

We have successfully trained 100+ swimming teachers in our Ready, Set, Swim! Program to date.


Ready Set Swim

Our Philosophies:

Swimming should feel natural and easy to learn and teach

Empowering swimmers to make SAFE choices always comes first.

Investing money into swimming lessons is FAR more important than investing in a badge.

Lesson plans and methods can adapt to the swimmer. Not the other way around.

Strong communication is a non-negotiable with all parties involved in the lesson.

Hands-on Hands-on teaching and demonstration is important and demonstration is important to pay public admission?

We practice what we preach. If our swimmers are getting wet, so are we! We work as a team.

Swimming is a life skill and should be taught that way.

Every swimmer will be challenged to push themselves regardless of age or level.

Anyone can learn to swim in a safe and supportive environment.

All ways of learning should be celebrated! Different is beautiful by any definition!

Positive encouragement, feedback, caregiver communication are all necessities.

Positive encouragement, feedback, caregiver communication are all necessities.

We always build trust and THEN technique. Get to know the human and THEN get to know the swimmer.

Progress makes permanent. Repetition makes real results.

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