How to Register

Found a course you are interested in?

Want to sign up for some swimming lessons?

We have outlined exactly how to register!

To look/ search for classes without having an account or registering :

  • Scroll down on the form to the section “Enroll in Classes” and click select class
  • It will then ask to fill a student’s name and date of birth
  • You will then see a list of classes that are available
  • Click on the  blue magnifying icon on the top left to apply filters to the search
  • You can then search by session and day of the week
  • Please note, if you do find a class you would like you would need to fill out a registration form/account sign up first, and then re-log into your customer portal
  • Email if you need assistance

To register/sign up for classes:

  • Click on the Register Today button down below
  • Do not click on “Enroll in Classes”  or select classes. If you do, the account sign up won’t go through
  • Once you fill out the form , you’ll receive an email that you have created an account.
  • You can then log into the customer portal at the top right hand corner of the class.
  • Then click “find classes”. Click on “show me classes for all ages”
  • Click add a filter to search by class type, session and day of the week.
  • Email if you need assistance

PLEASE NOTE: When filling out the account sign up form, there will be a space to fill in your credit card or banking information.

Your credit card or banking information will NOT be charged, by filling this out. The only time it would be charged is when you register for lessons.

We promise expert instruction, patience, and an unwavering

commitment to promoting excellence, safety,

and a true love of swimming.

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