Schools out! Your kids days are filled with birthday parties, camp, and days at the cottage. Many parents are saying good-bye to swimming lessons until the Fall. Yet, parents are taken aback if their child hasn’t improved their swimming skills, or even forgotten some of the fundamental strokes when lessons roll around again! Enter the importance of swimming year-round.

Retention Is Key

Swimming, like any skill, needs to be practiced regularly in order to improve and stay competent. You can’t expect your child to be swimming just as confidently as they did in the Spring, if they’ve had 3 months off! Regular exposure creates a more confident and skilled swimmer. With year-round lessons, children build upon their foundation and undergo progressive learning, which allows them to not only practice and retain their skills but also regularly improve.

“But, my kids swim in the pool and lake all summer! Isn’t that good enough?”

That’s awesome! The more your kids are having safe play in water – the better! But, we’re not just talking about jumping in and out of the pool, playing on blow-up toys and going down water slides. We’re talking about strategic learning. Our professional and certified instructors are there with your kids throughout the lesson watching every move. They’re there to assess and correct when necessary, creating the most competent swimmers possible!

Perfecting Skills

Anyone needs a refresher after a hiatus from an activity. Continuous swimming allows the swimmers to practice and perfect their strokes while building up strength and endurance in the water. Swimmers who have regular lessons whether it be all year, all fall/winter or all summer long will see a greater success rate as they are given more time to perfect their skills. Summer is a great time to brush up on your skills, keep them at their current level and even improve on their skills and abilities. The long breaks and time away from lessons has instructors playing catch up for the first 3-5 lessons to regain stamina and strength (varies per individual).  

At Aqua Essence we make it easy for your kids to partake in summer swimming lessons. With most people stopping lessons in the summer we have more availability, and more ability to accommodate whatever days and times work for you. And if you have your own pool? Even easier – we’ll come to you and get the lesson over before your kids can say “marco polo”! So don’t wait, contact us today!

Ready, Set, Swim!™