Swimming Lessons with Aqua Essence

Aqua Essence is the home of Ready, Set, Swim! lessons and water safety programs with a sharp focus on the swimmer as an individual. Our tried and true curriculum has been the key ingredient in the recipe to our successful program. As your child advances, they will build confidence & skill, leaving them empowered and ready to take on life experiences around water. Progress makes permanent.  

What Makes Us a Star in the Industry


Unique to Aqua Essence is our ability to move kids onto to the next skill or level whenever appropriate. Swimmers are often working on more than one level at a time. Instructors teach from where the kids are at and build up from there. A strong foundation is key to the development of a swimmer.

Students can get through all levels and feel proud of their achievement.

Water safety and swimming skills are taught in the water and at poolside. Our students are always learning, always focused, and in the water as much as possible. The program promotes life-long fitness and confidence.

All classes are 30 minutes long. One-on-one classes, assessments, and extra classes are available at an additional fee.

Swimmers begin in the pre-school program at two and a half and stay there until they are six or have completed the whale level, whatever comes first. Once they are six they move over to the Swim Kids program. Each level in the preschool program corresponds to a level in Swim Kids.

Swim Lessons for All Ages

Aqua Babies

Aqua Babies

In Person OR At Home

Aqua Babies 1, 2 & 3 (5 months to 2 years – 5 participants per class)

Aqua Essence Swim Academy’s specialized approach to teaching babies how to swim is focused on safety, confidence, and family connection in the pool.

In our Aqua Babies program, parents and babies stay in the water together. Through a series of activities and choreographed movements, babies gain a comfort level that will help them learn different swimming skills and techniques more easily as they get older. At the same time, parents learn how to be with their children in the water in a way that helps them develop their skills and a love of swimming.

There is singing and there is play – but all for a purpose. This is a skills-based learning program taught by expert instructors who understand how babies react to the water and how they learn best. Our deliberately small classes allow babies and their parents to get individual attention.

Babies from five months to two years old are welcome in Aqua Babies. Participating infants must be able to hold their heads up on their own. 


$21 plus GST per class (in person)

$100 per for 10 weeks (virtual)




preschool and swim kids

Ready, Set, Swim! Program

Ages 2.5 – 15 years


RSS Levels 1-12: 2.5 years and up

* If you are starting lessons before the age of 6, you will register for RSS Level 1-3.

*If you are starting lessons after the age of 6, you will register for RSS Level 1-3 PLUS.


Ready, Set, Swim! to Red Cross level conversion chart! 

Summer 2022 Costs: 

$200 plus GST private 1:1 per week

$125 plus GST semi-private per child per week

Summer weeks run Monday-Friday. 

adult swim lessons

Adult Swim- Returns Fall 2022!

16+ for All Skill Levels

We have 3 very exciting programs for our adult swimmers.

Learn to Swim is for our novice adults who are wanting to learn to swim. We respect adult swimmers’ privacy and willingness to learn. Our learn to swim for adults is 1:1 unless the adult chooses to swim with a friend or someone they know. Adult lessons are set up directly with the office. We match an appropriate instructor with the adult based on what the adult wishes to achieve and learn. Not all of our instructors teach adults, so we carefully choose an instructor that will be a good fit. We value the courage and steps it has taken to send the email or make the phone call. Adult lessons are generally taught at the end or beginning of a shift to allow for flexibility within your schedule.

Stroke Technique or Learn to be an Efficient Swimmer

This adult program is designed for adults that took lessons at one point, are comfortable in the water and now want to swim for exercise or test their skills at a triathlon. One of our aquamazing instructors will work with you to reach and achieve your goals in the pool. These lessons are generally taught at the end or beginning of a shift to allow for flexibility within your schedule. We recognize that adults are busy with lots to juggle so we work with you to find times that work.

Adult Fitness

The best kept secret in town! Get a group of friends together or come and meet new ones. We will put you through a workout in the water. It is the absolute best! It is fun and challenging. We never do the same thing 2 weeks in a row. It is constantly changing. We have been doing this for over 6 years and it really is the best kept secret in town and now we want to share it with everyone! Grab a friend or 2 and sign up. 


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