Congratulations to Indi and her family (no one does it alone)!

Indi started swimming with Aqua Essence last Fall with Rishona in Sea Turtle. They worked all year on Indi’s comfort level in the water and by spring she was able to swim 5 meters on her front and was beginning to swim on her back without assistance. She started going in the deep end and doing jumps. During the Spring she worked with Tali Floom where she continued to gain her confidence. Since starting with Rachael Floom, Indi is now doing lengths in the pool. Indi just completed her Whale level in the middle of December.

What Rachael had to say…

Indi tries her very best every class and I can see the effort she’s putting into her swimming. Indi listens to everything I say and never complains. She went from swimming small lengths of the shallow end to full lengths of the deep end and her arm circles have come full circle into what’s almost front crawl. She loves to swim and has awesome dives. She also tried her best to conquer her fear of the diving board and although she didn’t end up jumping she really tried to and still compromised by jumping off the wall beside the diving board. She’s a great student!

A couple weeks ago Indi tried out for the Mini Marlins Swim Team and made it! We are so proud of Indi and her swimming accomplishments. We wish her luck swimming with the Marlins!