Congratulations to Brady – we are super proud of you!

Brady started swimming with Aqua Essence approximately 5 years ago. Brady has had a few teachers over the course of her time with Aqua Essence; primarily Rishona Hyman and currently Alex Mielke. Brady has worked very hard over the years to perfect her front crawl and whip kick. Brady has always enjoyed her swimming lessons and is one of those kids that makes teaching fun! Thank you Brady for being such a great student. Keep up the great swimming as we know you have aspirations of lifeguarding and teaching in the future.

What Alex Mielke had to say…

Every swimming practice Brady puts 110% effort and it makes my teaching a lot more enjoyable. She has recently swam a 300 meter time swim (12 laps). It was great to see because not too long ago 300 meters was something we just talked about in practice. After her big swim she had the biggest smile I had seen after swimming that amount of meters, and not even mentioning that her arms were super sore. Over the past few months Brady was working on her endurance and most of all her efficiency in the water. She has also been perfecting her Breast Stroke from even learning it a few months ago. It looks really good! I’m very proud to be teaching Brady.