Destiny and Dylan are brand new to Aqua Essence and just started lessons in September 2011. They started at level 1 with Josh Goldstein and Lanette Griffith. Destiny and Dylan were only signed up to swim until December. Once their mom, Destiny and Dylan realized the success that they were having and making with Josh and Lanette, they have continued on. Destiny and Dylan are true examples of the Aqua Essence program, that with small classes, more individualized attention and a connection with the instructor – success is possible and attainable! Congratulations to Destiny, Dylan and their family on a job well done. Keep up the fabulous swimming!

Here is what Josh had to say when he nominated them:

Teaching these two swimmers, really shows me why I love being a swimming teacher. This was the third time the siblings were in level one, and they wanted their level more than ever….they didn’t get their level one badge, because they got their level two badge! I’ve never seen such improvements as I saw with these two kids. Dylan and Destiny are in level 3 now and they can pretty much do front crawl AND back crawl, they truly make me so proud each lesson. Dylan from day one always gave 110% and there was never a doubt in my mind that he would be stuck in level one again! Destiny has learned to love swimming so much over the course of the few months, now she listens to everything she’s told and she always surprises me when she can do something that I never taught her (like back crawl). Great job guys, you have made me so proud and I hope you always keep on trying to do better and better!