Sydney starting swimming with Aqua Essence in 2008. Sydney was just five years old then. Sydney has always been taught by Tracey Fingas on Sunday mornings at Bonivital and over the last four years, she has really flourished and become a swimmer. When Sydney first started they always swam in the warm pool/kid pool at Bonivital but Sydney has graduated to the lap pool. Over the past four years Syndey has learned front crawl, back crawl, whip kick and now elementary backstroke. During this time, she has become successful at treading water and diving. We are so proud of Sydney’s accomplishments and her excellent attitude towards learning to swim.

Here is what Tracey Fingas had to say about Syndey when she nominated her for our December swimmer of the month.

Sydney is in swim kids 6 and has had a great few months of swimming. She has improved greatly over the last couple of months which is impressive but her attitude in the pool is equally impressive. Sydney never complains or gives up when challenged in the pool but continues giving it her best. Over the past two months Sydney has worked really hard on improving her front crawl and elementary back stroke. Sydney has been able to improve the endurance and technique of her front crawl tremendously. Sydney has also gone from doing whip kick with a life jacket to doing elementary back stroke with a life jacket to now doing lengths of elementary back stroke. Additionally she has improved her dives tremendously and has gone from doing kneeling dives to standing dives in a relatively short period. Sydney has been swimming with me for four years!