Greer has been swimming with Aqua Essence Swim Academy for three years and she just turned 4.  Greer was initially taught by Tracey Fingas  and then the last two years by Rachael Floom. 

Here is what Rachael Floom had to say about Greer…

Greer has been swimming so well this month and picking up new skills so quickly! She’s just begun arm circles, kneeling dives and dolphin swims and within a time span of two weeks she’s doing the skills like she’s been practicing them for months.  Her dolphin swim is almost better than my own!  Greer has a clear love of the water and it shows in her lessons because she’s always eager to dive for rings and prove to me she is capable of doing the skills that I ask of her.

We congratulate Greer on her excellent achievements and super hard work!