Brooke started swimming with Aqua Essence when she was four years old. She has swam with Rishona every since. Brooke has worked really hard to build up her strength and stamina in the water. Her front crawl is now fast and efficient. She spent the summer, working with Sami on her whip kick and is now soaring. Brooke swims on Mondays at Pan-am in a high achieving class where the warm up is 10 laps of front crawl! We are all so proud of Brooke’s determination in the water and her personal success. We hope one day she will continue with on in her swimming by maybe dabbling in a competitive swim team or trying out synchronized swimming.

Here is what Sami had to say about Brooke Atnikov:

Brooke’s swimming skills have improved so much! Brooke always tries her best and never complains. When giving Brooke feedback on her strokes, she would apply what I told her right away, and she would try it again. In just two weeks, Brooke was able to learn whip kick on her front. Brooke’s back crawl has improved so much too; it truly looks amazing from all of the hard work she has put in both inside and outside of class. Brooke completed level 7 this month.