Max White has been selected as swimmer of the month for September. Max started swimming with Aqua Essence when he was about 4 years old. Rishona Hyman has been his primary instructor with Aqua Essence. Max loves the water and was always very comfortable in the water. Max was diving and jumping off high diving boards at a very young age, 4-6 years old. Max, like many swimmers, starting playing hockey and struggling with whip kick, as a result of scheduling, Max took a break from swimming. He has since returned to swim with Aqua Essence and has very specific goals. Max still absolutely loves diving, diving boards and playing in the water. Max has completed level 5 and 6 and is about to receive his level 7 badge! He is well on his way to completing level 10 by March. We are so proud of Max and congratulate him on his success in the water.

Here is what Rishona has to say about Max White.

Max took a break from swimming for a year and is now back and determined to conquer his whip kick, pass level 5 (officially) and complete level 10 by March. In a short time back together Max is swimming 12 laps of front crawl (300 meters) without stopping and has a tremendous amount of power. Max is also focusing extremely hard on his whip kick. I nominated Max as I admire his determination of returning to the pool at the age of 12 to complete his goals. He wants to be a lifeguard and teach swimming. Keep up the fantastic swimming.