Joey started swimming with Aqua Essence in April of 2011. Joey is just three years old and has grown to love the water! He swims with Rachel Ward on Thursday afternoons, and has made so many great improvements since last spring. When Joey first started, he was a bit apprehensive about getting in the water, and swimming. Now Joey is ready to go as soon as Rachel is ready every week! He never hesitates to hop in the water and do his very best every lesson. His confidence has grown so much in the water, and it really shows through his amazing skills. Joey loves it when his whole family comes to watch him swim.

Here is what Rachel Ward has to say about Joey’s swimming.

Joey has made some huge advancements over the past few weeks! He swam all the way across the pool, kicking on his back, completely on his own! This is so impressive, especially because Joey is only three years old! He is so much fun to teach and always puts so much effort into his lessons, the half hour feels like only a few minutes. He has recently started practicing sitting dives also. I am so proud of Joey, keep up the good work!

Congratulations to Joey and his family on his hard work and success in the water!