Colson Hack started swimming with Aqua Essence in the fall of 2011. He, another swimmer and Rishona would meet every Monday at 9:30 am and Colson reluctantly got in the water. Each week he cried but participated and observed the other little fish in his class. Today, Colson is a confident, content swimmer. He is even jumping off the diving board, going down the deep-end slide and doing 1-3 meter swims on his own.

Everyone at Cindy Klassen pool, from the other public to the lifeguards share in the excitement and joy of Colson’s success! Colson’s parents add “we can’t believe Colson’s transformation. Last summer he would sit on the edge of the pool and would only enter on occasion. Now he is asking to go swimming all the time and absolutely loves the water”!

We are proud to have chosen Colson Hack as January’s Swimmer of the Month.

Here is what Rishona had to say about Colson…

Colson Hack is 3 years old and just started swimming with Aqua Essence. Colson cried every class from October – December except 3. He did every skill asked of him and would cry a little more when it was his turn and a little less when it wasn’t. Through his calls to mom he still progressed to face in bubbles and swims to the wall on his own. Since returning from the break, Colson has cried once! He is even chatting more. Colson, is swimming 1-2 meters on his own with fabulous bubbles. He is working so hard and I am so proud of him!