Austin joined Aqua Essence in January 2011. He started his lessons off with Tracey Fingas, he then had Piper Riley Thompson as an instructor for his first full session and now has Alex Mielke as a teacher. When Austin first began his lessons, Tracey helped him over-come his fear of the water and made him feel very comfortable. Austin started off in Level 1 and in a short period of time has now progressed to level 4. Austin has always swam at Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre. His instructor Alex has spoken very highly of Austin’s hard work and determination.

We congratulate Austin!

Here is what Alex had to say about Austin:

Austin is in level 4 and has been working very hard to improve his front crawl. A couple of lessons ago he showed me how determined he was to perfect his stroke. He practiced repeatedly to improve his front crawl. By the end of the class he was able to complete 8 consecutive laps in the shallow end. Austin has shown that he is ready and willing to confront any new challenge thrown at him. I am so proud of Austin’s hard work and dedication! This is why Austin is nominated for swimmer of the month for October 2012!