Tracy is a new adult swimmer who started lessons with Aqua Essence in October of this year . Tracy swims at St. James Civic Centre. It has always been Tracy’s goal to learn how to swim and she is looking forward to her trip to the South Pacific with her husband. She can’t wait to enjoy the water there! Tracy looks forward to her lessons each week and enjoys taking on new challenges and achieving her goals. She looks forward to continuing her lessons not only for the winter session, but also hopes to continue in the future and continue to grow as new swimmer.

Erin Ward has nominated Tracy Ackerman for swimmer of the month. Here is what she had to say:

For my swimmer of the month I am nominating Tracy Ackerman. She is an adult and just started swimming with me in October. Tracy has challenged herself to learn how to swim and is making great strides each week. We started with the very basics and now Tracy is comfortable putting her entire face in the water, can swim across the pool by herself on her back and tries something new every single week. I am so proud of Tracy and the outstanding effort she puts in each week. This is why Tracy is nominated for swimmer of the month for November 2012!