Gunnar Asmundson is April’s swimmer of the month. Gunnar started swimming with Aqua Essence in September 2011 after moving here from Toronto. Gunnar started at Pan-am Pool and part way through the year made a switch to Cindy Klassen Pool where he connected with his teacher Jevian Haywood. Gunnar is just six years old and is working hard on his front crawl and dives. We are so happy that Gunnar and now his two younger brothers have joined the Aqua Essence Family.

Here is what Jevian had to say about Gunnar.

Gunnar is a newer student for me but I am quickly getting a glimpse of his great swimming and fun personality! Gunnar is a young swimmer but has a ton of fun trying challenging things like heading to the very deep end of Cindy Klassen pool or diving of the low diving board. Gunnar always has a smile on his face and has no problem practicing things over and over again until he “figures it out”. Keep up your energy and love for improving your swimming skills Gunnar!