Maddox is brand new to Aqua Essence and started in April 2012 for Spring Session. In just a short 9 weeks Maddox made a terrific impression on his teacher Alex Mielke. Maddox started as a non-swimmer and has progressed to swimming 3 meters by himself in just 9 weeks. Maddox is a great student and a great role model for other new swimmers. Together, Alex and Maddox worked as a team and had success.

Congratulations Maddox – we are super proud of you!

Here is what Alex Mielke had to say about Maddox:

Maddox Anthony is 6 years old and in level 1. Maddox just started swimming with Aqua Essence this past spring. The first couple classes were a bit tough for him as he wasn’t 100% comfortable being in the water. He had a hard time doing proper bobs and would drink the whole pool. By the end of the first class, I had him doing 30 bobs!. As the lessons continued on Maddox got comfortable being under water and learned how to blow bubbles out of his nose with his eyes open! I’m amazed at how much he has improved. Maddox continues to grow and push himself to the limit every class. Maddox now can hold 5 second floats front and back. Maddox’s newest challenge is pencil swimming 3 meters all by himself.

Keep up the hard work Maddox!