Sophia joined Aqua Essence in Spring 2011. When Sophia began her lessons, she was a beginner swimmier and was “doggy paddling” with a lifejacket on . She wasn’t even comfortable putting her face in the water. Sophia started off her lessons in a sea turtle class and has now progressed all the way to Crocodile! Sophia is now doing kneeling dives in the deep end and treading water for 30 seconds! Sophia enjoys swimming at Boni-Vital Pool with her instructor Sami. Way to go Sophia!

Here is what Sami had to say about Sophia:

Sophia is a very determined swimmer. Any challenge I have given her she has been, not only able to meet, but also surpass my expectations. I have never heard Sophia say that she couldn’t do something. She is always willing to try new things and always tries her best. Recently Sophia learned back crawl and after the first class, it was already looking amazing. Sophia has gone from swimming in the shallow end to doing full laps on her back in the deep end. Sophia’s dedication and attitude are incredible, and it is for these reasons that I nominated Sophia for swimmer of the month for January!