Kendall joined Aqua Essence in the spring of 2011.  Prior to joining Aqua Essence, Kendall had taken parent and child classes through the leisure guide  and then came to   Aqua Essence. Kendall started off  her lessons with Lexi van Dyck and now has Sydney as her instructor.  Kendall looks forward to her lessons at St. James Civic Centre. Her favourite thing to do is swim! Kendall looks forward to  her lessons every week and loves being in the water any chance she can get. Kendall was very excited to have been selected as swimmer of the month!
Here is what Sydney had to say about Kendall:
Kendall is in Level 2 and right from the start she has always been an amazingly dedicated and adventurous swimmer! Kendall is always up for a challenge, and whether
we are working on something that she has known how to do for a long time, or learning something new, Kendall is always ready and excited to push herself to do the best that she can. Kendall is always eager to try whatever we are doing in class, and I have never seen her stop smiling. No matter what she always surpasses my expectations! Her willingness to try and her dedication has paid off, as she is now able to swim more than halfway across the pool on her own, and she is even working on her kneeling dives which are taught in level four! I am so proud of Kendall and all of the effort that she puts into every class, and this is why I have nominated her as swimmer of the month for October 2013!