Brendon joined Aqua Essence this past fall.  After several attempts of level 1 at the leisure guide, Brendon  joined Aqua Essence based on  a friend’s recommendation.  Since joining Aqua Essence there has been a tremendous change in Brendon’s swimming! In the three months of lessons with Aqua Essence , Brendon has learned  more during this time, than what he’s been focusing on for the past  4 years.  He is thrilled with his progress and enjoys swimming at Cindy Klassen each week. Brendon and his parent’s would like to thank Amber for her great instruction and dedication.
Here’s what Amber had to say about Brendon:
Brendon is in level one and joined Aqua Essence recently. When Brendon began swimming in September he was working on being comfortable blowing bubbles underwater without holding his breath or inhaling in the pool water. He was very tense while kicking with boards, and was very afraid to do floats or glides on his own. Now, only two months later Brendon is a completely new swimmer! Not only is he blowing strong bubbles with his eyes open, but he is now doing his star floats on his front and back on his own for five seconds each. He continues to work each week on his confidence swimming independently, and has begun doing short back glides on his own and is swimming to the wall on his front from the third black line without standing up or drinking the pool!  Brendan has also begun to tread water and do kneeling dives in the deep end without any fear! I am so proud of Brendon’s newfound confidence in the water, and cannot wait to see how much farther he can progress!