Cohen joined Aqua Essence in the spring of 2012. Prior to joining Aqua Essence, he had not taken lessons before. When Cohen first started his lessons, he was scared to go in the water without a parent or  jump in the water. Now Cohen is a fish in the water and is  looking forward to being able to go on the diving boards  soon!  Cohen enjoys taking his swimming lessons at Pan Am Pool each week with Yael.

Here is what Yael had to say about Cohen:

Cohen has been working so hard to improve his swims, it is amazing to see how much he has progressed in just a few weeks! Recently Cohen has been working very hard to complete two full laps in the deep end on his back. He is working to get his wristband and be able to go on the diving boards! Cohen has put in so much effort in order to do this, he tries hard every class and has been going farther each week, not only can he now do 1.5 laps on his back all by himself he can also swim much farther on his front!  Cohen has been working so hard each class and it is really paying off! Keep up the amazing effort Cohen, you are doing awesome!!