Jacob joined Aqua Essence in the fall of 2012. Prior to joining Aqua Essence, Jacob had many unsuccessful attempts at Sea Turtle and was very apprehensive in the water. Jacob now loves being in the water and his comfort level and skills have increased dramatically!  His instructor Roman has really helped  challenge, support and encourage Jacob throughout his lessons. Roman is very proud of his tremendous progress!
Here is what Roman had to say about Jacob:
Jacob has improved so much since we started swimming together in January. At first, Jacob  was scared to go on his back in the water and was insecure when putting his face in the water. A few months later, Jacob can do kicks on his back by himself and loves doing great bobs in the water!
Jacob is also able to do front and back floats with little assistance. Jacob has improved so much , in a short period of time. He started off  in a Sea Turtle class and is now in Salamander!  That is why I am nominating Jacob for swimmer of the month for April! Way to go!