Ian joined Aqua Essence in 2009. Prior to joining Aqua Essence, he had not taken lessons before.  Ian really enjoys his swimming lessons and looks forward to swimming  with his instructor Amber each week. Ian loves swimming at Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre and has taken all his lessons there. Amber has really helped in giving Ian a great sense of confidence in the water. 
Here is what Amber had to say about Ian:
Ian is in level five and has been working on his whip kick all year. Every week Ian comes to his lesson and asks if he can spend the entire class working on whip kick because he is determined to perfect it. Although it is very frustrating for him, each week Ian comes to the pool with a smile on his face and is ready to put 110% into his swimming. Ian\’s hard work and dedication have really paid off, and over the past few classes Ian has accomplished his goal and now swims with excellent whip kick! It is because of Ian\’s dedication and drive to succeed that I am so happy and so proud to nominate him for swimmer of the month!!