Mya joined Aqua Essence in 2010. Prior to joining Aqua Essence, she had taken lessons through the leisure guide. Mya was so happy to join this program as she was itching to progress more quickly and having lessons with Aqua Essence allowed her to do so. Mya has always taken her  lessons at Pan Am pool.  She enjoys swimming anywhere she can! Whether it be at lessons, pool parties, friends’ outdoor pools, and all summer at the lake!
Here is what Andrew Fustey had to say about Mya:
Mya Sareen is a level seven swimmer and has excelled throughout this session. She has greatly improved her whip kick and has even been able to take on breaststroke, which is a level 8 skill! Mya can also now swim four laps of the pool with her front crawl. That’s a full 100 meters! She also enjoys treading water and using her awesome eggbeater. She has shown hard work, dedication and a positive attitude towards swimming. Mya is an excellent swimmer and continues to improve every class from her motivation. Keep up the good work Mya!