Gerry  joined Aqua Essence in Spring 2014.  Prior to joining Aqua Essence, he had taken  a few lessons as a child. Gerry started lessons again as an adult , to gain confidence and build up his strength in the water. He enjoys everything about his lessons! Gerry is so proud of his  achievements, he enjoys working with Rishona and he likes getting out and trying to speak with other people.  

Here is what Rishona had to say about Gerry:

 Gerry started swimming with me in the spring and I am so moved by Gerry\’s drive and passion. Gerry is an adult swimmer who is a stroke survivor; watching Gerry swim, try his best and give it his all is truly awe inspiring. It reminds me why I do what I do. Gerry is so happy in the water he is so proud of all his achievements little and big. He reminds me that all people need to be encouraged, need to feel good and need to be nurtured. Gerry is no different. I look forward to each week with him!