Alexander  joined Aqua Essence in Fall 2014.  Prior to joining Aqua Essence, Alex had  been in the water with his parents many times, but had no formal lessons until now.  Alex loves taking lessons with Aqua Essence, because as he puts it  “Harlan teaches me, I  like doing the starfish float  and after lessons dad and I jump into the pool together”

Here is what Harlan had to say about Alexander:

For swimmer of the month, I would like to nominate Alexander Powell Williams.  Alexander takes lessons at Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre , and he is a pleasure to teach every week!  Alexander had previously not taken swimming lessons, and in his first lesson in the fall session he was very hesitant to enter the water with someone he didn\’t know.  But something must have clicked in the week that followed his first lesson, as since then he has always wanted to get into the water even before me!  Alexander does anything I ask of him without question, and will always go fully under the water to do a bob.  Even more impressive, he never once rubs his eyes because of the chlorine, he remembers his training and always blinks his eyes!  Incorporating Spiderman into sleeping animals, wake-up animals, and of course superhero swims has made Alexander eager to give it his all in everything he does.  Alexander can be seen on the pool deck standing patiently in his wet-suit every week, and I look forward to seeing him there because I know we\’re going to have a great lesson!  Keep up the awesome work Alexander!