Adriel first started with Aqua Essence at age four. He had zero confidence in the water, and he used to hang on to his father’s neck for dear life! Adriel was taking lessons elsewhere, before joining Aqua Essence. His parents saw little to no progression in 6 months. But, when they registered with Aqua Essence, he followed an individualized program with nearly one to one attention. In the beginning of his lessons he cried for the first half of his first session, but the instructor was patient and had high expectations. In three years, his parents’ have noticed tremendous improvements in Adriel’s swimming skills, endurance and self-confidence. His favourite part about swimming is his new license to use the big slide and his habitual after-swim hot tub soak at Boni Vital Pool!

Here is what Sami had to say about Adriel :

This is my first year teaching Adriel, I had seen him at the pool in previous years but hadn’t had the pleasure to teaching him until now. Adriel’s goal this year was to swim a full lap in the deep end. He has always did an excellent job completing the distance in the shallow end, but was nervous to move to the other pool, which is colder and deeper. Each week we would try the swim in the deep pool and every week he would swim a little bit further. On the very last class before the holiday break, Adriel conquered his fear and swam an entire length of the pool. He had a big smile on his face and he wanted to tell his parents right away that he completed the swim. I am so proud of Adriel dedication and never giving up attitude. It is for these reason why I have chosen Adriel as swimmer of the month.