Lily  joined Aqua Essence in fall of 2012. Prior to joining Aqua Essence, she had taken lessons through the leisure guide and at the Rady Centre. Lily was struggling to pass Sunfish and had taken it several times, before coming to Aqua Essence. Lily is very proud of all her progress and enjoys taking lessons at the Pan Am pool. She can’t wait to continue her lesson’s into the spring!
Here is what Haley had to say about Lily:
Lily\’s swimming skills have improved so much this year! Lily always works her hardest and is always excited about learning new skills. In just a couple of weeks Lily\’s front crawl has improved so much, and she perfected her standing dive! She is such an independent swimmer and is so happy when she is in the water. Lily completed crocodile in December and whale in March. She will be starting Level 4 this spring! I am nominating Lily as swimmer of the month to recognize her hard work and constant will to learn more.