Matthew  joined Aqua Essence in early 2013. Prior to joining Aqua Essence, he had taken lessons at a private home pool .His progress there wasn’t what Matthew had hoped . Matthew began  getting  frustrated and started to dislike  swimming lessons; even though he loved being in the pool. Matthew’s parents knew they had to make a change .They were thrilled to have found Aqua Essence and give him the best kind of opportunity to succeed in his swimming lessons! Matthew started his lessons at Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre and now swims at Pan Am pool.
Here is what Monica  had to say about Matthew:
My swimmer of the month is Matthew Branson. I have been teaching Matthew from the beginning of the fall and every single week I see tremendous improvement!  At the beginning of the year Matthew was still working on swimming one lap at the pool. Matthew went from barely being able to do front crawl to being able to swim over four laps without stopping. He is very open to trying new strokes and is working on whip kick on his front. I\’m so proud of him! Keep up the great work Matthew!