Jax started with Aqua Essence in March 2012 , when he was a year and a half. He first took lessons through the Leisure Guide for “Mommy and Me” . His parents were looking for an alternative program and Mikaela Garfinkel recommended Aqua Essence to Jax’s mom. Jax has taken lessons with a few instructors at Aqua Essence.He took lessons first with Yael and then Michelle ; who taught him both at Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre. He has also taken lessons at Pan Am Pool with ,Lanette, Bradley, and currently Mitchell. Jax has loved all of his instructors. With the help of all his instructors he’s now a full time fish in the water, and his parents’ can’t get him out of the water!

Here is what Mitchell had to say about Jax:

I have spent the last 6 months working with Jax, first as a co-teacher and then alone. In this small time frame I have seen Jax grow tremendously in terms of confidence in and around water. In the span of three weeks thanks to Jax\’s hard work he was able to go from his first submersion, then to his first unassisted float, and finally to the fantastic face-in-the-water swims that he is doing now! Jax is incredibly friendly and is always eager to tell anyone about his day, and I love that he can work so hard and also be a blast to teach! Jax has just completed Salamander due to his great swimming and I can’t wait to see how he progresses as he tackles Sunfish in the next session! I chose to nominate Jax for Swimmer of the Month because of his love for the water and great work ethic.