Cameron started swimming with Aqua Essence in September 2012. Prior to joining Aqua Essence, she had not taken lessons before. Cameron has enjoyed taking her lessons at Concordia Pool for the last two years . This year she is enjoying swimming at Transcona Pool. Cameron is so excited about her new swimming skills that she practiced nearly every day in the lake this summer, and thanks to her lessons with Aqua Essence, her confidence with swimming underwater has really improved. Cameron looks forward to swimming all week leading up to her lessons!

Here is what Tonia had to say about Cameron

For swimmer of the month, I am nominating Cameron Hrysio. I just started teaching Cameron in September. She has made such good progress. The first class I taught her, she was a little nervous. Now although she is in Salamander, is doing side glide, back glide/kick by herself and is currently working on her front crawl. She loves getting her face wet and isn\’t nervous at all. She always has such a good time in class and always has a smile on her face, and is always upset when class is over. Keep up the awesome work Cameron!