Eliana first started with Aqua Essence in 2011. Before joining Aqua Essence, she had not taken lessons. Eliana has gone from not taking any lessons and now four and a half years later, she is already in Level 9 at the age of nine! Eliana enjoys swimming at Pan Am pool and loves treading water and learning about water safety!

Here is what Andrew had to say about Eliana:

For swimmer of the month, I would like to nominate Eliana Kirschner. Eliana had a strong passion for swimming. She loves to swim and I can always see her doing laps in the water before her lessons. This is my first year teaching Eliana and even day from day one I was impressed with her strong swimming ability. And to this day she continues to impress me. This session Eliana has been working very hard at improving her endurance and from that she is now capable of swimming four laps of every stroke! Eliana continues to work hard every class with a dedication I admire, she never wants to stop swimming. Keep up the great work Eliana!