Isla started swimming with Aqua Essence at Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre three years ago, when she was 3 years old.  Isla has always loved the water, even from a very young age.  Swimming is one of her favourite activities and she enjoys the challenge of developing her swimming skills with Niri every week.  Niri is such a fantastic teacher, she has a great attitude and makes every class fun and engaging.  She challenges Isla to work hard and does a great job of celebrating her accomplishments.

Here is what Niri had to say about Isla:

I would like to nominate Isla Harrison for swimmer of the month for October . Isla comes to swimming every week with a smile on her face and  is ready to learn. She is such a hard worker and always does her best. Isla used to hate putting her face in the water and would always swim with her face out of the water and lately she has been swimming the entire half length of the pool with her face in!  Isla has even started doing treading water and can do so for 30 seconds in the deep end! Isla always is such a pleasure to teach!