Ryan started wtih Aqua essence in 2012. Ryan was 4 years old and just starting kindergarten . Ryan has always been “small”. He had a lot of “fear ” when he was younger, since he couldn’t touch the bottom of the pool for the longest time . He started swimming lessons through the leisure guide at Pan Am Pool and swimming at the Fermor YMCA . The pool at Pan Am , allowed him to be able to touch the bottom and hoped it would give him confidence . However , as his brother progressed – it became more difficult to coordinate the two lessons together. Ryan’s fear of the water and fear of “sinking” did not go away . The larger lesson classes did not help . His mom  was told by a few different people about the success of swimming lessons they had with Aqua Essence. THey  have never regretted the change . Ryan has been fortunate to have Steph for the majority of his lessons with Aqua Essence. She has seen him literally cling to her for dear life to the point now where he wants to do it on his own  He can now swim in the deep end. The moment he finished that lap in the “big pool” was quite the site ! Big smiles! 

Ryan really enjoys his lessons at Boni Vital. Since the day he did his “lap” he has been asking to go swimming again . This was not the case a few years ago before we started with Aqua Essence.  . The last thing he wanted to do was go to lessons . But , his mom’s rule – swimming is a life skill that you need to know and learn .His family goes on  vacation near water- and it’s the first thing Ryan and his brother  look forward to – SWIMMING! Ryan’s mom would like to  thank  the great instructors and especially Steph to have the patience and try so many things with Ryan  to get him to where he is today .

Here is what Steph had to say :

 I would like to nominate Ryan Sachdev for swimmer of the month. I have been teaching Ryan ever since I started teaching with Aqua Essence almost four years ago. Ryan has always been an absolute pleasure to teach and has definitely made huge strides of improvement since we started swimming together. Four years ago, Ryan was in Salamander. He was very nervous in the water and was having difficulties completing the required skills unassisted., I knew that he would do it when he believed he was ready. That following fall,he was no longer afraid of the water but most importantly, he knew that he could swim. Ryan was always eager to try new things and was constantly telling me that he didn’t need my help. Since then, Ryan has continued to improve and just last week reached what I think all of us at Aqua Essence would consider a big milestone; he received his wristband in order to swim in the deep pool at Bonivital!! Ryan swam an entire 25m of front crawl without an ounce of fear or doubt. When I told him we were going to swim the lap to get the wristband he responded with an eager “OK!” and immediately hopped into the big pool, with no questions asked. I knew that Ryan was ready and I was thrilled to see that he knew he was ready as well. Not to mention, he was also just awarded with his level 3 badge! Though Ryan’s endurance and technique have improved tremendously, it is the increase in his confidence that I am most excited about for him. Way to go Ryan!