Sydney start swimming with Aqua Essence in 2014. She has two prior lessons when she was age six and seven. Sydney stopped lessons for a while, but her parents heard about Aqua Essence and Sydney wanted to take lessons again. Sydney loves learning new strokes and techniques during her lessons. She has enjoyed swimming at Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre and Transcona Centennial Pool.

Here’s  what Elly had to say: 

I would like to nominate Sydney Pinder. Sydney is one of the hardest working swimmers  I have ever seen. She is committed to lessons and no matter what, she shows up for lessons. Nothing phases Sydney, she takes all the corrections I can offer to heart and always listens. Whenever I ask her to change something about her swimming, despite how trivial it may seem, she does it. Sydney is a role model for many other students. Her work ethic and determination is unmatched. When we first started doing endurance swims, Sydney had some trouble, but now she is able to glide through the water and never asks for breaks between laps. Sydney had worked very hard  to complete her  levels at  Aqua Essence. This speaks to her dedication to swimming lessons, and swimming in general. Sydney is a lovely student, always on time, respectful and kind. Sydney is also a wonderful person. She is someone that all students at Aqua Essence and in general could look up to.

That is why I would like to nominate Sydney Pinder for swimmer of the month.