Janet joined Aqua Essence in the Spring of 2012. Prior to joining, she had not taken any lessons and was only comfortable in shallow water that went up to her waist. In 2012, Janet started taking lessons  and was  focusing on learning to float and swim short distances. Now, with instruction from Rishona and Daniel, Janet loves her lessons and is doing dives and head first surface dives in the deep end and swimming laps of front crawl, back crawl, breast stroke and elementary back stroke! Taking swimming lessons has given Janet so much confidence that she never knew she could have!

Here’s what Daniel had to say about Janet:

When Janet started swimming with me in October 2013, she had just learned to float and kick, and got nervous even thinking about going in the deep end. From then until now, Janet has made tremendous progress! No matter what I asked her to do, Janet was always determined to do it perfectly. With this determination and drive; she learned front crawl, back crawl, elementary back stroke, breast stroke and side stroke, and every other stroke and water safety skill. Janet is now continuing to progress and take on new challenges, and I know that one day we will see her at a diving competition, doing flips off the 10 metre board. Janet is truly an amazing swimmer and person, and deserves to be swimmer of the month!