Dave’s very first swimming lessons were with Aqua Essence Swim Academy. Each week Dave loves coming to the pool for his lessons and enjoys staying after lessons to practice with his dad. Dave and his parents love swimming with Aqua Essence. They always find the staff friendly, approachable and patient. Dave was so excited to be nominated for swimmer of the month and wanted to thank Jessica for being his instructor this year!

Here’s what Jessica had to say about Dave:

I would like to nominate Dave Matuguina Jr. as swimmer of the month. Dave loves swimming lessons so much! He jumps with excitement each time he sees me because he just can’t wait to get in the water. Dave is in Salamander and his favourite swim is when he gets to do a pencil swim to the wall all on his own! His swims to the wall have been getting better and better as he swims farther on his own! Dave also love to do many “bobs” and he loves to kick all the way across the pool on his own with fultter boards. When Dave does “sleeping animals” and pencil swims, he loves to pick Skylanders because they are animals and super heroes! He loves to show his mom and dad his progress and anything new he learns to do! Dave will even stay after class to do even more swimming with his dad. He loves to swim!! Keep up the great work Dave!