Anya joined Aqua Essence in Spring 2014, at the age of 6 months old. Her exposure to swimming began at a very young age. Anya has always loved the water and swimming. She transitioned well to private lessons with her instructor Lanette at 17 months of age. Anya loves swimming with her flutter boards and blowing bubbles! She enjoys taking lessons at Pan Am pool.

Here’s what Lanette had to say:

Anya has been working really hard to become an independent swimmer. In the first few weeks of spring session, she was able to move out of the Aqua Babies class and into her own independent one on one class. Anya is always smiling and is a great listener. She enjoys trying new things. Anya can do “bobs”, reaches to the wall, blow bubbles, and she skicks with the flutter boards on her own. Anya loves going down teh slide and singing the frong song at the end of class. Anya is a pleasure to teach and I’m so proud of all her hard work!