Alex has been taking lessons for three years with Aqua Essence  and has always had Leah as his teacher. When Alex first started his lessons, he did not want to leave his mom’s side. Leah took him into the water endured his crying until she could finally make him laugh. Alex has always enjoyed swimming and has really started to progress in his lessons. He loved working on front and back crawl, and enjoys siwmming at Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre!

Here’s what Leah had to say about Alex:

I would like to nominate Alex Reimer for swimmer of the month for September. Alex is 5 years old and in Whale. Alex is a very strong swimmer, who has a greatattitude towards getting corrections and is able to take my corrections and quickly apply them to my strokes. Alex is working on his back crawl and front crawl right now, and is showing major improvements every class! He has been working very hard to be able to kick with straight legs and add in arm circles during his back crawl. Recently, he was able to both at the same time and completed his best lap of back crawl yet! Alex is hard working and loves to swim! Keep up the great swimming!