Luka joined Aqua Essence in September of 2014. In Spring of 2015 he started swimming with  Mitchell and  that’s when things began to change for Luka.  Luka’s  comfort level prior to Aqua Essence was , NOT GOOD he was petrified of water, refused to go in, hated everything about swimming.  Luka  counted the “sleeps” till swimming, dread each night “swimming day” got closer. He hated swimming like a mosquito hates OFF! 

Mitchell was a game changer. He was very patient and relaxed with Luka which helped him feel better about swimming. Mitchell took baby steps and started small with Luka with getting him into the pool and just “playing” with the water. By the 3rd swimming class with Mitchell, Luka was looking forward to swimming. At swimming, all you could hear was Luka laughing and having fun with Mitchell in the pool. By the end of the Spring session Luka’s comfort level with water increased exponentially due to Mitchell’s strategies and patience.  Now Luka loves to swim with his buddy Mitchell and is taking more and more risks with actual swimming techniques. He loves splashing, using the flutter boards, kicking, swimming to the side of the pool, getting out of the pool on his own and more importantly getting Mitchell wet.  He gets so excited when Mitchell gives him feedback on how he is doing and will often say throughout the week how happy Mitchell is with him at swimming. He now counts his sleeps to when he swims next because he is really liking swimming now! 

Here’s what Mitchell had to say about Luka:

I’ve been swimming with Luka for about a year now and the progress that he has made in that time is amazing! Luka used to be very scared to get into the pool but now he is jumping from the side, doing front swims, and reaching to the side all by himself. This is a testament to how hard Luka works when we swim together! I’m nominating Luka for swimmer of the month in January because this was the month where he reached the huge goal of going underwater multiple times every lesson! Luka has been trying so hard to be brave every week knowing he will be going underwater and his attitude of wanting to get better as fast as possible means we can get a lot of swimming done each and every week! I look forward to seeing how Luka progresses over the remainder of the year and beyond. Great work, Luka!