Yan started swimming wtih Aqua Essence in 2014. Prior to joining, he was a beginner swimmer and working on doing his swimming skills independently. Vic enjoys practicing front crawl and swimming with Mitchell each week at Pan Am Pool. Vic and his mom would like to thank Aqua Essence and Mitchell for helping him make great progress with his swimming. Vic was so excited to be nominated for swimmer of the month.

Here’s what Mitchell had to say:

Vic and I have been swimming together on and off for almost 3 years now and seeing his swimming journey unfold during that time has been amazing. When I first met Vic, he was afraid to go underwater and now he is doing 50 meters of front crawl non-stop no problem. The reason I nominated Vic for Swimmer of the Month, is because I began to realize how consistent Vic has been in his swimming. We have seen many different classmates and Vic does an excellent job of being friendly and welcoming; this impresses me just as much as his swimming does. Vic is always giving me his all every class and that’s the exact reason he’s progressed as quickly as he has. Vic has been tackling whip kick lately and this tough skills is starting to look awesome.  Vic is always wanting to improve and all I do is give him the tools to do so. The past few years have been fantastic and I can’t wait to see how Vic improves in the years to come!