Zora joined Aqua Essence in Fall 2011. Prior to joining Aqua Essence, she didn’t like swimming at all and would hold onto one of her parent while in the water, sometimes she would even cry. What Zora enjoys most about swimming is her time working with Adam. She has such a good rapport with Adam and he has a great amount of patience with her. This has definitely helped in her swimming successes. Zora also enjoys watching her younger brother swim at the same time. She always encourages him as he is swimming by. Zora has swam at Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre and Boni Vital Pool.

Here’s what Adam had to say:

I would like to nominate Zora Brunet for swimmer of the month for November. Zora has been swimming with me for 2 years now and she has gotten much more comfortable with me and in the water. When Zora first started, she didn’t like going in the water at all. When she did go in, she would hold on to me at all times and would never let go. After sometime, and a lot of hard work that she put in, Zora is now able to do a full underwater swim all by herself! She’s gotten much more comfortable in the water, and is getting better each and every class! We’re learning new things every class, and even if she’s afraid, she’ll give it a chance and get through it! She’s a pleasure to teach, as she always comes to class happy and excited to swim! I’m very proud of Zora! Keep up the great work!