Annabelle joined Aqua Essence for the first time in 2014. She was always scared of the water, and after watching her struggle in city-run classes, her mom knew she needed more one-on-one attention. Annabelle was nervous at first, but over the years her family has  watched her transform and progress faster than they thought possible. She went from being scared to get her face wet to being the first stick her head underwater and doing jumps into the water. Annabelle especially loves doing the front crawl! She has swam at several pools but Cindy Klassen her favourite

Here’s what Madison had to say:

I have had the privilege of swimming with Annabelle since September 2016. I am so excited to get to the pool every Monday, and to see what progress Annabelle will be making that day! Every week it is something new, sometimes it is small things like consistently blowing her bubbles in her swims, others it is doing her standing dives on her own in the deep end. It is so encouraging and exciting to see the progress that Annabelle has made since September. She started off working on her back floats and now is doing her back and front crawl almost all the way across the pool by herself! Annabelle is always so excited to be in the pool, and although she will admit that she may be nervous or not looking forward to a certain stroke, she has a great attitude about it! Annabelle has such a kind spirit, and makes sure to encourage her classmate in their swims as well! I look forward to seeing her progress even more in her swims!CloseBack to Topposte