Liana started swimming with Aqua Essence in 2014. She has enjoyed every minute she is in the water! Liana’s swimming ability has improved leaps and bounds with the exceptional instruction she has received. Liana has an absolute love for the water and swimming. She adores “teacher Hannah” and speaks of her often. Liana enjoys bringing her pictures she has coloured just for her! Liana has always loved the water – she encourages her family to plan swim days at the pool. While on vacation at her family cottage, she spends every minute she can swimming and playing in the lake. Liana enjoys swimming at Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre each week!

Here’s what Hannah had to say:

I would like to nominate Liana Sousa as swimmer of the month for September. Liana comes to every class with a positive attitude and a desire to learn new things. She responds very well to the corrections that I suggest and tries her hardest to apply them right away. For example, Liana learned how to do back crawl arms in only one class! My favourite thing about teaching Liana is that she will try new things, even if she is afraid at first. Liana was a bit scared to start swimming in the deep end at first, but now she looks forward to it each class. I am so proud of Liana’s progress and hard work! Keep up the aqua-amazing swimming!