Everett joined Aqua Essence in the Fall of 2015.  When he first started his lessons, he was not confident at all being in the water and would typically cry, especially if his face had to go in the water. With his instructor, Drake, Everett felt very comfortable and probably after the first couple of lessons he was actually enjoying the progress he was making in the pool. He wouldn’t panic in the pool and try to “doggy paddle”.  Everett absolutely loves Drake as his swim instructor. Drake has a lot of patience with Everett and makes the lesson fun. Now, Everett is working on remembering to kick his legs and likes telling Drake during lessons that he can do whatever is asked of him. He can swim some distance by himself and do side glides. His mom is amazed at how Everett has advanced in his abilities while in the water. Everett has enjoyed swimming at Transcona Centennial Pool and St. James Civic Centre. 

Here’s what Drake had to say:

I would like to nominate Everett Redekopp for swimmer of the month for January. Everett and I have been swimming together since September of last year and we have come so far in the last four months!! When Everett first started lessons we were still working on floats and basic kicking. Since then, Everett, is now working on side glides and has begun to work on his Front Crawl,  of which he does with an incredible amount of enthusiasm and excitement! Everett is always excited and has a huge smile on his face before and after swimming classes! This is especially true every time we work on a new skill or master an old one; especially when we swim a new distance after a lot of practice! Keep up the fantastic work Everett!