Gabrielle joined Aqua Essence in Spring 2017. She has always loved to swim and took to the water like a little fish, when first introduced to a pool at eight months of age. Since then, Gabrielle hasn’t looked back and swims whenever she has the chance. Gabrielle and her parents love the instruction from Aqua Essence and feel the program is a great fit for her! Gabrielle’s favourite things about swimming lessons are jumping into the water, diving, and going down the slide as a treat for her hard work. She looks forward to her lessons each week and enjoys swimming at Transcona Centennial Pool!

Here’s what Emily had to say:

I would like to nominate Gabby Teasdale as swimmer of the month! Gabby is in Crocodile, and she is a super strong swimmer who is very co-ordinated! I’m super proud of Gabby. She recently swam two laps of front crawl all by herself, so she can go swim in the deep end.We’ve worked really hard to get Gabby swimming that distance and now she can do dives and go down the slide in the deep end at the end of her lessons! Way to go!