Nate joined Aqua Essence when he was 3 years old in September of 2016. When he started his lessons he had a great love of swimming and was just beginning to swim little distances independently. Because of the great instructions he has received with Aqua Essence, he now feels great pride each and every time he gets his wrist band from the lifeguard and gets to head into the deep end. He has really enjoyed getting to know his teachers and talking with them while treading water. He also really like jumping off the 3 meter diving board. Nate has always had his lessons at Pan Am Pool.

Here’s what Stephen had to say:

I would like to nominate Nate Kelly as swimmer of the month! Nate is in Level Four, and he has been practising lots of Front Crawl! After lots of practice, he is able to swim his laps in the deep end while mainintaining his great technique. Now we are able to practice our dives off the diving board in the deep end, something that Nate loves to do! Keep up the great swimming Nate!